What is DealHijack?
DealHijack lists daily deals from many websites. We help you save time and money by gathering all of the best local deals from your city and putting them in one place. We also let you personalize the deals you see by allowing you to filter by location, category, price and more!

How do I buy the deals I see on your site?
When you press [View Deal] for any deal listed on DealHijack, you will be redirected to the deal site providing the offer. We don’t sell deals ourselves, so you must register with the deal site in order to complete your purchase. Our mission is to help you save time and money by collecting all the deals that are out there for you to enjoy, and connecting you to the deal sites that sell them.

How do I get another copy of my voucher?
If you deleted your voucher or need another copy, go to the deal site that you purchased the deal from, and log into your account. Your vouchers should be there ready for you, waiting to be printed.

How do I turn off my subscription?
At the bottom of your daily email you will find a link that reads, [Click here to unsubscribe.] Simply click the link to complete the process. You can also unsubscribe by logging in to your DealHijack account and going to your [My Account] page. Uncheck the [I want daily e-mails] box under the Deal Filters tab, and you will no longer receive our e-mails... we will be sad to see you go, though!

Still Lost?
Contact our support team at info@DealHijack.com and we’ll do our best to respond to your request within 24 hours.